We take care of your family

The children of a deceased participant are entitled to an orphan’s allowance until they reach 18 years of age. Beyond this point, the allowance will continue to be paid for as long as they are in education or vocational training, although it will cease on their 27th birthday (an exception is made to this if the child undertakes or has undertaken voluntary military service, in which case we will continue to pay the allowance as appropriate after they reach 27 years of age).

If the child has lost one parent, the allowance generally amounts to 20% of the participant’s entitlement to a disability pension or retirement pension (for children who have lost both parents: 30%). Overall, the surviving family members must not exceed the disability pension or retirement pension amount plus the child allowance.

Documents for your application

In addition to the application form with the child’s or children’s personal details and details of their health insurance, we need the child’s or children’s birth certificate(s)  and, in the case of a child or children aged 18 or over, evidence that they are still in education or training. Please also include the death certificate with your application.