VwdA for civil servants – the choice is yours


Civil service architects are entitled to a public sector pension and are exempt from compulsory participation in the Architects’ Pension Fund (VwdA). They can nevertheless use the VwdA as a private supplementary pension scheme to provide them with extra cover for their retirement.

Civil servants can benefit from the VwdA’s private supplementary pension scheme


Civil servants can use the VwdA to supplement their public sector pension and build up an extra level of cover. The contribution is generally 25% of the highest possible compulsory contribution for the self-employed, which is €310.50 a month in 2020. On request, we can arrange to set a higher rate of 50%, 75% or even 100% of the compulsory contribution. In addition to the compulsory contribution (which varies depending on the rate chosen), you can make monthly voluntary payments of up to the highest possible compulsory contribution for the self-employed (€1,242.00 in 2020).
Just like contributions to the statutory pension insurance scheme, contributions paid to the VwdA are tax deductible, which in turn increases your net income. An annual limit nevertheless applies. In 2020, this stands at €25,045.80 if you are single and at €50,091.60 if you are married. Further information is available from the tax office or your tax consultant.

Change in employment type and retrospective insurance


Please inform the VwdA if your employment type changes, e.g. if you become self-employed. If you leave your position as a civil servant without receiving pension cover, you will be insured retrospectively. The public authority must pay compulsory contributions retrospectively for the period in which you did not have any insurance.

You can ask your employer to make these retrospective insurance payments to the VwdA. The contributions are annuitised in the year in which the application for retrospective insurance is made. The retrospectively insured period of work counts as time spent as a participant. This is relevant when calculating your disability pension entitlement.