Compulsory contributions

Your contribution amounts primarily depend on your employment status (self-employed, employed or civil servant) and your income. Please visit the “Participation and contributions” page on our website for information on the various compulsory contributions.

We would like to remind you that employed members of professional pension funds are responsible for ensuring that their compulsory contributions are paid. In certain cases, claims may be made against third parties (e.g. employers) and it may also be possible to legally enforce these claims. However, if any contribution payments are outstanding, we must always contact our members.

If you are currently not earning any income, it is generally possible to request an exemption from contribution payments. Please note, however, that your pension entitlement depends directly on the contributions you make. If you are exempt from compulsory contributions, you are therefore recommended to consider making voluntary contributions.

Contributions are generally due at the end of each calendar month. If payments are made late, late payment surcharges of 1% will be charged for each calendar month commenced after the payment is due. This is just one reason why we recommend that you pay your contributions by direct debit. Direct debit payments also save costs by reducing administrative work.

Contributions are debited on their due date (for employees, this is on the 9th of the following month for which they are due). A direct debit mandate form can be found in the Download centre.

Your obligation to make compulsory contributions begins at the start of your compulsory participation and ends:

  • at the end of the calendar month in which your participation ends,
  • on the first of the month in which payment of your retirement pension begins,
  • on the first of the month from which a disability pension is paid (Following discontinuation of benefit payments due to inability to work, the obligation to pay contributions recommences at the start of the following month.)

You can declare your contributions to the Pension Fund as allowable expenses for tax purposes.