Transfer of contributions

On joining one of the chambers associated with our Pension Fund, you will also initially be enrolled in our Pension Fund even if you are already participating in a different professional pension fund at the time.

In such cases, you can choose whether you would like to continue to be insured by your current pension fund and therefore request an exemption from participating in our Pension Fund or whether you would like to switch to our Pension Fund. Please note, however, that it is not always possible to transfer the contributions paid to your previous pension fund. The rules depend on which pension fund is involved. If it is possible to transfer contributions between the pension funds concerned, transfers are only permitted if you participated in the other scheme for a maximum of 24 months. In accordance with § 23 para. 1 of our Statutes, transfers are not permitted if membership of the other pension scheme exceeded 24 months. Please contact our service team if you have any questions about this matter.