Health insurance

Health insurance cover is an important matter for anyone receiving benefit payments. The following options may be available to you:

(1) You are insured with a private health insurance company: There will generally be no changes if you start drawing a pension.

(2) You are insured with a statutory health insurance provider: Here, it is important to distinguish between whether you have voluntary health insurance or whether you are subject to compulsory insurance under the Krankenversicherung der Rentner (German Pensioners’ Health Insurance Scheme – KVdR). Your membership status is determined by your competent health insurance company on the basis of your personal requirements and the conditions to which you are bound under insurance law.

If you are a voluntary member or a compulsory member of the German Pensioners’ Health Insurance Scheme (KVdR), a portion of your benefit payments from the VwdA must be paid to the scheme. If you are drawing a pension and are subject to insurance under the KVdR, the VwdA is legally required to retain the contribution calculated by the health insurance provider and to pay it to the health insurance scheme. If you are a voluntary member of the statutory health insurance scheme, you must transfer your contribution to the health insurance scheme yourself. The VwdA is obliged to inform your health insurance scheme of the pension amount you are drawing. Please note that unlike in the statutory pension insurance scheme, the VwdA does not subsidise the amount paid to the health insurance scheme.